Fabrication of Cancer Awareness Teaching Aid


Thousands of Americans learn they have pulmonary nodules each year. These nodules are found on low dose computed tomography (LDCT) within the content of lung cancer screening. Despite the low risk of becoming malignant, the diagnosis of lung nodules can cause emotional distress. This emotional distress and lack of understanding around the diagnosis can lead patients to delay treatment.


The solution is described is a method for addressing patient education to alleviate patient anxiety around lung nodules that are commonly found on LDCT and CT chest imaging during lung screening programs. The 3D rendering provides a novel educational tool to support providers in educating patients during the lung screening shared-decision making conversation about their diagnosis. The 3D nodule rendering allows visualization of the patient condition. Patients visualizing a rendering of their internal condition may tend to feel more engaged, more in control, and find their condition more difficult to dismiss.


This novel patient education tool can support:

  • Better patient understanding and decreased anxiety of their diagnosis
  • Visualization of the diagnosis to support provider-patient shared decision-making to determine the treatment plan
  • Decreased distress post diagnosis

Inventor Name: Theresa Roelke, APRN-AGPCNP

Inventor Name (additional): n/a

Case Number: N/A

Patent Application Number: 63042062

IP Status: Provisional