Innovation Blender


The Roux Institute logoJoin MaineHealth Innovation and The Roux Institute at Northeastern University as local innovators in the healthcare space share their latest novel ideas. Come help brainstorm solutions to their project needs and collide with MaineHealth pioneers, The Roux Institute community, and local entrepreneurial talent, as we collaborate to pave a healthier future forward – one healthcare opportunity at a time.

The Innovation Blender is a program designed to mix practitioners, researchers, entrepreneurs and innovators from a variety of backgrounds to ideate on challenges. Each monthly event consists of brainstorming around innovators’ presented challenges and proposed breakthrough technologies.

Our Goal: Increase collisions of incredible people trying to solve big challenges!

“I had no idea what to expect and I loved every minute.”

Innovation Blender participant


Details to be announced!


Do you have a solution to an unmet care need that needs some further brainstorming and discussion? Consider applying to be a future Innovation Blender speaker.



Each Innovation Blender event features a different healthcare opportunity and subject matter. Anyone who is interested in innovation is welcome to attend!


WAVED Medical – Developing a Solution to the Early Detection of Breast Cancer
Andre Khalil, MS, PhD & Kendra Batchelder, MS, PhD candidate

Senscio Systems – Intelligently Powering Virtual Care
Piali De, PhD, CEO & Co-Founder & Keiron Stoddart, MS, Chief Technology Officer

Mother of Fact
Emily Sylvester, CEO and Co-Founder

Neuright, Inc. Tackles Peripheral Neuropathy: Catch it Early, Fix it Fast!
Kristy Townshend, PhD – Co-Founder, Neuright, Inc.

Hey Freya Innovates Women’s Health
Helkin Berg – CEO & Founder, Hey Freya

Activas Goes Under the Sheets to Innovate Neurotech
M.J. Hayes, PhD & A. Abedi, PhD – Co-Founders, Activas Diagnostics

Lighting Up Fat to Burn Calories
Dr. Aaron Brown, Faculty Scientist at MaineHealth Institute for Research (MHIR), the Director of MHIR’s Molecular Phenotyping, Flow Cytometry, and Viral Vector Cores and Co-Director of the Northern New England Center for Translational Research Technologies Core

The Future of Flavor – Reinventing Human-Food Interactions
Nimesha Ranasinghe, PhD – Assistant Professor at the University of Maine and Co-founder of FlaVR Labs Inc.

Accelera – Moving You Forward. Movement. Function. Freedom.
Mike Wing, MBA – President & Co-Founder of Accelera

Navigating the ER
Samir Haydar, DO – Emergency Physician, MMC

Shifting the Healthcare Productivity Paradigm
Heidi Morin, RN, MSN, MBA – Nursing Director, MMC

Transforming the Bio Bank
Anne Breggia, PhD – Director of the Center for Applied Science & Technology, MaineHealth Institute of Research

Artificial Intelligence & Healthcare Administration
Paul Chausse, Jr. – VP of Revenue Cycle Management, MaineHealth

Value Proposition 101 & The Mobile Palliative Care Link
Susan Miesfeldt, MD – Oncologist & Researcher, MaineHealth

KinoTek – The Future of Movement Analysis
Justin Hafner – CEO, KinoTek

Pocket Nodules – A Strategic “Bench to Clinic” Healthcare Innovation
Theresa Roelke, APRN-AGPCNP – Nurse Practitioner, MaineHealth

Introducing The Roux Institute TechStars Accelerator Start Ups
Ashi Batchu
Founder, MCSquared Health

Ngoc Le & Kevin Yee
Founders, Phase Zero

Hannes Bend
Founder, breathing. ai

PerZeptions, Inc.
Peter Bex, BS, PhD
Co-Founder and CTO, PerZeption, Inc.

Jan Kerswetat, B.Sc., PhD
Co-Founder and CEO, PerZeption, Inc.

Averting Trouble Ahead: An Algorithm for Predicting Aggression
Matthew Siegel, MD – VP of Medical Affairs of Development Disorders, Maine Behavioral Health
Matthew Goodwin, PhD –  Associate Professor of Computer Science, Northeastern University

Neonatal Augmented Reality Simulation: Improving Outcomes at Rural Birthing Centers
Mary Ottolini, MD, MEd, MPH – George W. Hallet, MD Chair of Pediatrics, The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital at Maine Medical Center
Michael Ferguson, MD, MTeach- Pediatric Intensivist, The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital at Maine Medical Center

Fishing for Clots 2.0: Developing Smarter Tools to Save Brain Tissue
Rob Ecker, MD, MBA – Chief of Neuroscience, MaineHealth & Neurosurgeon

Keeping it Cool: Therapeutic Hypothermia to Prevent Brain Injury in Newborns
Alexa Craig, MD, MSc – Neonatal and Pediatric Neurologist, Maine Medical Partners

Cervical Cancer: See It, Zap It and Prevent It
Obieze Nwanna-Nzewunwa, MD, MS – Surgery Resident, Maine Medical Center

Mapping Melanoma in Maine
E. Vinny Seiverling, MD – Dermatologist, Maine Medical Partners

Focusing on Fat in Cancer
Michaela Reagan, PhD – Faculty Scientist I, MaineHealth Institute for Research

New Therapeutics to Reactivate the Body’s Immune System to Combat Cancer
Peter Brooks, PhD – Faculty Scientist III, MaineHealth Institute for Research