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Robotic Clot Retriever

Minimally invasive techniques for vascular surgery are progressively claiming more and more territory from open surgery. Intra-arterial therapy for stroke is now the Gold Standard of care. In Neuro-intervention, the tools brought to the brain blood vessels need to work at 100-150cm from the [...]


Bethany Sweet is a certified child life specialist at Maine Medical Center. Certified Child Life Specialist (CCLS) help patients and families identify ways to cope with various medical procedures. Real medical equipment is often used to teach patients about procedures and allows patients to [...]


Gastrostomy tubes (G-tubes) are feeding tubes that are placed surgically through the abdomen directly into the stomach, and are life sustaining for millions of patients for medications and nutrition. Fortunately many patients' health conditions improve and they no longer require their g-tube. Standard practice is [...]

Creating a Novel Shared Surgical Coverage Model

As a small rural hospital that runs a full service, 24/7 Emergency Medicine Department, WesternMaine Health needs 24/7 general surgical call coverage. And yet over time as the population of Norway, ME has shrunk, the hospital has gotten to the point where they don't [...]

Diabetic AI Retinopathy Screening

At Western Maine Primary Care, there are approximately 1,300 patients with Type I or Type II diabetes, and only about 60% of them receive annual diabetic retinopathy screenings. Retinopathy screenings typically must take place at specialty ophthalmology practices, but access is limited in Norway, [...]

Augmented Reality for Neonatal Resuscitation

Neonatal outcomes vary greatly depending on where a child is born. In Maine, a baby can be up to six times more likely to have a neurologic injury if they are born at a rural hospital than if they were born in Portland. This [...]

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