“Airway” is most important piece in both Basic Life Support, and Advanced Cardiac Life support, yet there is not a portable cost effective tool utilized in the field today. Any environment where a compromised airway is possible and do not have access to sophisticated suction systems. Even in a level 1 trauma center emergency department, on any given day 15-25% of patients in active treatment areas do not have access to wall suction. In the light of the heroin epidemic, compromised airways are an increasing problem. Any hospital, school, ems service, prison system, shelter, home first aid kit has active need for this item. It is compact and cost efficient making it an imperative item to have at your disposal.

A lightweight, pocket portable suction system with a simple form.

RescueVac is an inexpensive, transportable solution that addresses the need for fast response to compromised airways.

Inventor Name: Will Connolly, RN

Inventor Name (additional): n/a

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IP Status: Provisional