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For various medical procedures, such those that involve a port-a-catheter, Certified Child Life Specialists (CCLS) use real medical equipment to teach and identify plans of coping for children and families. CCLS have limited access to real medical equipment due to high cost and limited
availability. This limitation prevents CCLS from providing enhanced procedural preparation and support for patients and their families. There are various products that replicate a port-a-catheter but many CCLS express frustration as they are unable to really use the equipment because it is not fully simulated or when really used creates a mess.

A 3D printed port-a-catheter was created with a closed circuit that allows it to be fully simulated and placed within a familiar comfort object (stuffed animal, baby doll etc.). Child life specialists will be able to purchase rights to print the design or order a complete closed circuit alone or placed within a comfort object.

This solution directly addresses the need for the equipment to be fully simulated (without mess) and they are easily accessible (on the spot printing and/or orderable).

Inventor Name: Bethany Sweet, CCLS

Inventor Name (additional): n/a

Case Number:

Patent Application Number: 63215631

IP Status: Provisional