Andy Patstone, President of Western Maine Health, leaned on Dr. Carolyn Plourde’s expertise as an experienced physician and educator to engage in critical COVID-19 vaccine myth busting among vaccine-hesitant healthcare workers concerned about pregnancy, fertility, and breastfeeding.

Dr. Plourde, a Western Maine Health OBGYN employs a simple yet impactful 10-item true/false quiz and in-person learning sessions with vaccine-hesitant healthcare workers to bust myths about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Give a quiz to a nurse or doctor – s/he just settles right down and thinks ‘I’m going to dominate this quiz.’ So that’s a good way to pull people in to test their base of knowledge.”—Carolyn Plourde, MD, FACOG

Dr. Plourde uses the learning sessions to lead healthcare workers in a dialogue as they walk through each question on the quiz, engaging healthcare workers in testing their knowledge on COVID-19 vaccine truths and myths. In the end, attendees report having a great time, enjoy learning more about the COVID-19 vaccine, and appreciate having their questions answered from a physician they trust!

“Every time someone’s vaccinated, that might be five less people who get sick in our community. So I really feel that this is making a difference.”

A copy of the blank quiz can we be found here. To learn more about Dr. Plourde’s work or to request answers to the quiz contact Karen Gurney.


Carolyn Plourde, MD, FACOG, WesternMaine Health


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