Minimally invasive techniques for vascular surgery are progressively claiming more and more territory from open surgery. Intra-arterial therapy for stroke is now the Gold Standard of care. In Neuro-intervention, the tools brought to the brain blood vessels need to work at 100-150cm from the point of access (femoral or radial artery) making mechanical solutions challenging. Robotic technologies are beginning to enter the clinical arena in the operating room and in cardiology.

None of the current tools of retrieval for interventional vascular work were specifically designed for the purpose. None are “smart”.

Using unique “robotic fabric”, the team at Soft Robotic Angiography, LLC, are working to develop a steerable robotic clot retriever, which can also sense the flow of local blood serving as a secondary measure of success beyond the visual image of restoration of blood flow.

The team at Soft Robotic Angiography are working towards prototype refinement and FDA approval.


Robert Ecker, MD, MBA, Neurosurgeon, Maine Medical Center

Mohsen Shahinpoor, PhD, Inventor of IPMC technology

Jeffrey Florman, MD, Neurosurgeon, Innovator


Looma Design, Life Science Development Firm, Saco, ME