Often faced with the potential to need to manage a critically ill patient’s airway during transport in less than ideal environments such as elevators and vacant hallways, Will Connolly, a trauma nurse here at Maine Medical Center, created the Rescue Vac- a portable suction device that can help to emergently assist in clearing a patient’s airway wherever they may be. Rescue Vac- has the potential to impact many patients and caregivers.

From the Innovator:

“I wanted to make Rescue Vac light enough and transportable so that nurses or, anyone really, can carry it around with them everywhere they go…its strength is really in its simplicity, small enough for anyone to carry and cheap enough for everyone to own.” – Will Connolly, RN


Will Connolly, RN – ED Clinical Nurse II, Maine Medical Center


Maine Medical Center Emergency Department.

Many thanks to So Young Han, PhD, Jeremy Qualls, PhD, and Drew Sfirri at the University of Southern Maine’s College of Science Maker Innovation Studio (MIST) for fabrication of the Rescue Vac prototype.