As part of pandemic response, LincolnHealth’s on-site Miles Café had to pivot from a self-serve salad bar to a grab-and-go lunch spot and grocery. The café initially supported care team members during the pandemic, and has since expanded grocery service to some local patients to help fulfill food shortages and increase convenience for patients.

From the Innovator:

“I’m kind of shocked because for so long the pride and joy of the Café was the salad bar. I wasn’t sure if we would be able to retain our clientele when we moved to pre-made items, but we have. In fact, we’ve increased our clientele with the other items we are now offering.” – Tom Schwarz, Director of Nutrition Services



Tom Schwarz (right), Director of Nutrition Services, LincolnHealth Miles Campus

Jo-Anne Blomquist, Supervisor, Food Services, LincolnHealth Miles Campus

All of the Café Staff!